About my Book Reviews

The impetus of my studies was to uncover the missing pieces to completing grief after losing an infant. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure what the remedy could be. I thought it might be a simple “5 Easy Steps to…” What I learned was that each case is unique, grief is not the same for everyone. I discovered that the existing paradigms are helpful but not complete, so many of the resources available to grievers are psychologically based, religiously based, one person’s experience or completely woo-woo psychic type stuff. Again, these can be helpful but I realized that there is a lack of spiritual, NOT religious or woo-woo, help for grievers who may have lost their faith.

I created several studies so that I could better understand all the different aspects of grief and particularly grief as it pertains to infant and pregnancy loss. I have read and continue to read books about grieving infant and pregnancy loss and have summarized and reviewed them for you so you can decide which books will offer you what you need.

Feel free to recommend books for me to review, I would love to hear about the book that helped or didn’t help you in your journey through grief.


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