Celebrities Finally Speaking the Unspeakable – Miscarriage

Gwyneth Paltrow shares grief about miscarriage

The wave of celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce and Mariah Carey, sharing their stories of miscarriage is profoundly influencing our culture. When celebrities speak out about their miscarriages, those of us who have also had miscarriages feel less alone. Since the conversation has already begun in the media, we feel safer talking about our own experience of losing a baby with friends and colleagues which is the first step to our grief recovery.

Often a miscarriage happens before we’ve announced that we are pregnant, making it less likely to share our loss. Secrets of any kind make it very difficult to heal. When we keep our loss a secret, it is extremely toxic to our well-being. We can’t recover from grief in a vacuum. We are social beings who need connection. That is why my mission and the mission of Graceful Grieving is to eliminate the silence and shame associated with infant and pregnancy loss. Grieving parents need non-judgmental, spiritual and communal support, as well as tools to guide them through healthy grieving. Tools that not only fully acknowledge their loss, but also honor the very real relationship they had with their baby.